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Set in the 1960s on a hilarious journey of self-discovery, Sealed for Freshness is the story of five Midwestern women who believe in being good wives, good mothers, and good neighbors. They were raised to trade their dreams, hopes, and desires for social norms…and now they want them back. These hermetically sealed, airtight lives unravel during a side-splitting Tupperware party gone awry. The women of Sealed for Freshness are struggling with lost youth, missed opportunities—and deviled egg containers. In other words, they’re the original ‘Desperate Housewives.’ Hostess Bonnie invites a group of neighbors over for a party. The guest list: perky, rich Jean, Jean’s cranky and very pregnant sister Sinclair, ditzy-blonde Tracy Ann, and new neighbor Diane, who’s made quite a career selling Tupperware, but at the expense of her marriage. The mix of personalities and the number of martinis consumed lead to a great deal of absurd hijinks, plus revelations of an equal number of secrets and insecurities.

Dinner + Show Tickets $50

Doors Open 6:00pm

Dinner 6:30pm

Show 7:30pm

Catered by Trevi Bar & Grill

Special Show-Only Matinee $30

Doors Open 1:00pm

Show 2:00pm

Kinsmen Hall

15 Kin Drive

Lively, ON

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